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Indiana Social Club



Q..What can we expect on our first visit to a club?
On your first visit you can expect to meet couples and singles from all over the Midwest. You will
find couples friendly and outgoing but not pushy. Everyone will respect your limits.
Friday will allow Couples, Singe Men and Single Women.
Saturday will be for Couples and Single Females only.
Q..Is it ok to come and just check it out without taking part?
A visit to Shenanigans is a fun night out. Many visit to enjoy the atmosphere
but choose to be only with each other.
Q..We have not been to a club, how are new people accepted?
Everyone remembers when they were new. Lots of people to answer all those
questions for you.
Q..How should we dress? What should be bring?
Dress is casual, bring what you would on any personal overnight outing. You should
bring a padlock if you want to use a locker for your personal belongings.
Q..Can we stay the night?
Yes, you may stay the night. We can't promise any particular space for you, but you
don't have to leave until 10 a.m..
Q..We are a black or bi-racial couple. Will we be accepted?
Shenanigans is an EOLO (equal opportunity lifestyle organization). Being accepted
by other couples is a personal matter. Most couples generally base their opinion of
others more on attitude and personality than on anything else. Because this lifestyle
is of a very personal nature, couples have every right to set their own personal
standards. You'll find that some people enjoy the mix and some do not.
Q..My wife is bi-curious. Is that ok?
Absolutely! Many ladies who come here are bi or bi-curious.
Q..We are a bi-sexual couple. Will we be accepted?
Traditionally in the lifestyle bi-ladies are more than acceptable - this is not so for
bi-men. This is a double standard of course and because it is considered
unacceptable and is frowned on by most people, we have no idea how many there
are because no one talks about it!
Q..We are concerned about pushy people.
NO always means NO! If someone has left their manners at home please let us know.
We will correct the problem right away.

Q..Is there smoking allowed inside the club?
No. Smoking is permitted outside only.
Our outside smoking area is very nice and conveniently located.


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