Indiana Couples Only Swingers Club

The Midwest's Premier "Social Club" !


Couples Only!

Shenanigans Club Calendar -
Anderson Indiana

Something New & Exciting is happening at Shenanigans!

Starting September 28th - Shenanigans will be open on Friday & Saturday!

Friday - Everyone Is Welcome - Couples, Single Males & Single Females!

Saturday - Couples & Single Females Only - Just like it's always been!  


Doors open at
7:30 pm until 3:00am

Saturday nights are for COUPLES & SINGLE FEMALES ONLY.
Door fee is $50 for Couples & $25 for Single Ladies.

Friday will be for
Door fee on Friday is $25 for Couples & $50 for Single Men.

Membership fee is $1


Saturday Theme Parties

April 20 - Beach Party - Summer is almost here so lets shed the clothes and have some fun tonight.

April 27 - Pimps and Hos - Who is the Pimp and Who is the Ho? Come down and find out.

May 4 - Cinco De Mayo - Join us as we celebrate Mexican style. The tequila will be flowing.

May 11 - Prom Night - Ladies get all dolled up, men dress to the nines and come enjoy the best prom of your life.

May 18 - Swinger 500 - Ladies, don't be shy, wear your favorite race attire or black and white outfit and drive the guys straight to the finish line. Men, don't be afraid to dress to the theme, you might just get the extra draft needed to cross the finish line first.

May 25 - Memorial Day / Sexy Patriot Party - Finally get a long weekend from work so come party with us. (Also JR's birthday celebration so there will be plenty of FIREBALL)

June 1
- Bike Night - Put on your sexiest leather and ride into the night with friends, new and old.

June 8 - Cowboys and Indians - Explore your Wild West side with us.

June 15 - Redneck Ball - Pull out them wranglers, dust off them boots, hop in your truck and head on down for some down home fun.

June 22 - Pirate Party - Alright guys tonight you may get to search the women’s chest for treasure or see if you can get the women to give up their booty! Of course the ladies may want to "walk" your plank.

June 29 - Thigh Highs and Short Skirts - A classic that is always a hit. All ladies have these in their closet so why not take them out, put them on and come drive the men crazy.

****Our DJ hosts a "Spoon Dance" on Saturday Nights! A great ice breaker, everyone has fun,
and one couple wins a free party at Shenanigans! Participation is optional of course.


We gladly accept

Cash & Debit Cards
also accepted!

Open 7:30 until 3:00am

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